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is an extremely effective tool for building relationship marketing as well as increasing sales and profitability. Maintaining loyalty is five times cheaper than acquiring a new customer. According to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, return customers tend to buy more from a company over time and refer others to your company..

Why choose our loyalty system?

Ready to grow your business?


Set up any promotion you want. Cash discount? Percent discount? No problem. Our promotional rules will help you create any type of promotion.

Earning points

Use transactional Earning rules to define how many points can be earned based on details from the transaction. Combine rules with time, segment, location and more. Work with predefined rules or add a custom one that suits your loyalty strategy.


Define discount on product or service assigned to group of customers with defined limits and conditions. Can be activated in exchange for loyalty points.

Link your www

The customer creates an account in eCommerce/website and enters personal data in the form and gives consent for operational data processing.

Reward your best customers

Define privilege rules and assign them dynamically based on customer behavior or any other customer attributes.

Need a plastic card?

No worries. Customer may join the loyalty program offline and receive a plastic card with individual loyalty card number.

Scalable solution

Thanks to a good technological stack and well thought out system architecture, Loyator can handle loyalty programs of any size, even on a massive scale with a high frequency of loyalty interactions.

100% customizable

Fill out contact form, tell us exactly what you need and we will quote it for you for free.

Easy integration

Using Loyator’s newly developed API you can seamlessly integrate it with virtually any IT infrastructure. Work on the loyalty program using just one tool and stay efficient!


IT solution for building relationship marketing, building trust and profitability
Everything we offer is delivered in the highest technology

Loyator technology stack consists of Salesforce, Magento, Flutter, SAP, and others. We build Loyalty programs to earn your customers’ trust and make your business grow.

We bring you the latest trend in technology. Using artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, we introduce a seamlessly integrable engine based on easily scalable platform, developed too maintain high traffic.

  • Reaching benchmark
  • Price/quality solution
  • Flexible business model adjustments
  • Loyalty as a service (pay as you use)
  • Scalable
  • Customer engagement driven app
  • Optional audience targeting
  • Integrated approach

How we work?

We adjust our solution to your organisation. We analyze your needs and come up with a tailored design for your business model. We provide software as a service, a great cost effective alternative to traditional IT.


Thanks to Loyator’s help, our clients collect loyalty points, for which they buy discount coupons and redeem them ordering our meals. Customers keep coming back and we don’t have to worry about attracting new customers anymore.

Marek Rimke

Kacper Zielinski

Loyator helped us manage promotions for the best customers, amazing solution!

I definitely recommend Loyator and his team. 

Jakub  Sniec


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